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    Standing showcase

    • Always tempered glass
    • Made in the Netherlands
    • Circular product

    Wall display case

    • Always tempered glass
    • Made in the Netherlands
    • Circular product

    Table display case

    • Always tempered glass
    • Made in the Netherlands
    • Circular product

    Plinth showcase

    • Always tempered glass
    • Made in the Netherlands
    • Circular product

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    Specify the desired dimensions of the custom display case.

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    Step 02

    Indicate here which type of lighting you want or indicate without lighting.

    Lighting Please make a choice in lighting.

    No lighting

    Ceiling spotlight (2700 K)

    The display case is equipped with an LED spot in the ceiling (or several spots, depending on the size)

    Lighting rail with side spots (2700 K)

    The display case is equipped with a rail in the uprights of the display case with LED click spots (or several rails, depending on the width)

    LED strip with diffuser (2700 K)

    The display case is equipped with an LED strip in the uprights of the display case (or several strips, depending on the width)

    Pendulum spots, 2 pieces

    The pedestal showcase is equipped with 2 pendulum spots in the corners of the showcase

    Pendulum spots, 4 pieces

    The pedestal display case is equipped with 4 pendulum spots in the corners of the display case

    Step 03

    Specify the color of the display case here. We have a choice of silver or black as standard. A RAL color can also be specified.

    Colour Make a choiceRAL color is not entered correctly.

    Silver anodized

    Black anodized

    RAL colour

    Step 04

    Thank you for filling in your wishes. If there are any questions from us, we will contact you. That is why we ask you to fill in the information below.

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    We've been offering the possibility to create bespoke display cabinets for store furnishings, museums, and project installations for sixty years now. It's clear that a standard display case doesn't always suffice. Bespoke display cabinets, that's in our blood.

    Buying a bespoke display case is a fantastic way to showcase your valuable items in a stylish manner. Our bespoke-made display cabinets are tailored precisely to your specific requirements, ensuring they perfectly complement your interior and your collection or products.

    Are you looking for a display cabinet but haven't found what you're looking for? At SDB Vitrinebouw, it's possible to have a bespoke display case made. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can always provide a suitable solution.

    Objects in the Spotlight

    Do you dream of showcasing your beautiful collection of treasures in a stylish and impressive display case tailored to your specific wishes? Look no further! Our company offers a unique service where we design a display cabinet together with you that meets all your requirements.

    Our professional team ensures that every detail of the display cabinet aligns with your style and the pieces you want to showcase. We only use the best materials of the highest quality, so you can be assured of a display cabinet that is not only beautiful but also durable and functional.

    Our experienced staff are happy to listen to your wishes and provide professional advice on the best solution for your space. Whether you're looking for a display cabinet for your living room, a showcase for your store, a display case for your office, or the layout of your museum, we have the expertise to create your dream display cabinets.

    We'll discuss your wishes and possibilities together. All these requirements will be translated into a quote that includes the requested specifications.

    Bespoke display cabinets made from only the best materials

    Our display cabinets are made from high-quality materials and produced with the utmost care. We only use the best materials to optimize the protection of your items and make them shine. You can also choose from various lighting options. Climate-controlled display cabinets are also possible to preserve valuable objects in a museum.

    A bespoke display cabinet is not only an asset to your interior but also an investment in your valuable items. We ensure that your display case is durable and safe, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

    Feel free to contact us for more information about our Bespoke display cabinets or to schedule an appointment for a non-binding consultation. We're happy to help you realize your dream display cabinet.

    With our custom-made display cabinets, you can not only showcase your collection of treasures but also be confident that they are optimally protected against dust, humidity, and other environmental influences. Our display cabinets are also equipped with lighting and security features for additional protection.

    We guarantee you a product that you will enjoy for years to come, and that your collection of treasures will be a real eye-catcher in your home, museum, or business. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities of a bespoke display case. We're here to help you realize your dream.


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