Tuesday 19 November 2023

    "Bespoke Display Cabinets are Truly the Most Beautiful"

    At SDB Vitrinebouw, craftsmanship takes center stage. After all, it's the details – visible and invisible – that make the difference. And that's precisely what our team ensures. One of them is the work planner, Emiel Schoenmakers, who has been with SDB since 2008.

    Emiel, tell us: fifteen years with the company, and yet only one year as a work planner.

    "It kind of evolved that way. I started here as an assistant accountant. After about six years, our purchaser left, and I took over his responsibilities. When our work planner also left SDB last year, the question was: do we advertise a job opening, or do we handle it internally? So, it turned out to be the latter."

    How do you like it?

    "I'm glad I did it. I was increasingly doing the administration and purchasing on autopilot, but now I have plenty of challenges in my work again. And honestly, it's more complicated than I thought. Each display cabinet is unique."



    What exactly do you do as a work planner?

    "I ensure that the display cabinet we sell is actually produced. I draw and calculate, and make sure all the necessary components are available. If there are technical dilemmas or obstacles, I pop over to our mechanics in the workshop to consult. It would be a shame not to take advantage of their experience."


     "Technical insight and product knowledge are important"


    What makes a good work planner?

    "Technical insight and product knowledge are important. Because with that, you can find a solution for every issue. For example, we were recently working on a large corner display cabinet where the corner had to remain open. A glass-to-glass connection was necessary. Making the shelves and lighting was quite a puzzle, but in the end, it fit together beautifully. That's what makes it extra enjoyable."


    Which display cabinets do you prefer working on?

    "Right now, everything in my role is still enjoyable, haha. After all, I've only been doing this for a little over a year. But custom display cabinets are truly the most beautiful. Take the corner display cabinet, for instance – you don't come across those every week. And although it's wonderful to see my calculations and drawings come to life in production, the end result is the absolute highlight. Each time, a masterpiece leaves our workshop!"


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