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      Jet Set 400 wand
      €835,-* Excl. tax
      Dito 400 wand
      €1.235,-* Excl. tax
      Glass display cabinet MPC 400 black with LED top light
      €560,-* Excl. tax
      Glass display cabinet MPC 500 black with LED top light
      €615,-* Excl. tax
      Glass display cabinet 111 800 with LED strips
      €1.005,-* Excl. tax
      Corner display cabinet MPC 500 black
      €790,-* Excl. tax
      Glass display cabinet Senza 150 silver anodised - wall unit
      €1.065,-* Excl. tax
      Corner display cabinet MPC 500 silver
      €765,-* Excl. tax
      Linea 50
      €2.195,-* Excl. tax
      Wall display cabinet MPC 1000 black
      €695,-* Excl. tax
      Dustproof display case V8 1000 silver with LED toplights
      €1.745,-* Excl. tax

      Can't find the right showcase with lighting that meets all your needs yet?

      Then use our custom configurator here: Bespoke display cases

      At SDB Vitrinebouw, we have display cabinets with lighting available. It's important to consider how the lighting influences the atmosphere in your store, showroom, museum, or living room. For instance, warm white light can create a homely atmosphere, while cool white light gives a more modern and professional appearance. A jeweller, for example, will choose different lighting than a private individual.

      When choosing the right lighting for your display case, it's also advisable to consider the size of the case and the amount of light needed to showcase your products effectively. Too little light can make your products less visible, while too much light can cause glare and create an unpleasant atmosphere.

      Different types of display cabinets with lighting

      There are various types of lighting suitable for display cabinets. For example, you can opt for an LED ceiling spotlight to illuminate the case. These are installed in the ceiling above the display case to highlight the products or objects effectively and can be adapted. With the new LED ceiling spots, you can adjust the lighting to different color temperatures. You have the option to choose from 2700 Kelvin (extra warm white), 3000 Kelvin (warm white), 4000 Kelvin (neutral white), or 6000 Kelvin (cool white).

      If you want to illuminate the entire display case, you could choose LED strips. LED lighting is energy-efficient and has a long lifespan. Or what about spotlights? We can install one or several rails with click spotlights in your display case as per your request. A rail with click spotlights is a great option for display case lighting. Click spotlights are small, adjustable lamps that can be attached to a rail. They are easy to move and direct towards specific products or objects to draw extra attention.

      In summary, LED strips, a rail with click spotlights, and/or ceiling spotlights are all good options for display case lighting. It depends on your specific needs and preferences which option suits you best. It's important to consider how flexible the lighting needs to be and how much light is required. The right lighting can make a difference to your business. It's crucial to consider what type of lighting best suits your products and your store or showroom, and to take into account the size of the display case.

      Make use of our expertise to choose your display case with lighting

      Are you having difficulty choosing the right lighting for your store or showroom? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to discuss the various options with you to find the best solution.

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      SDB Vitrinebouw has been the market leader in display cases, display cabinets and information cabinets for more than 60 years. Thanks to our unique combination of craftsmanship and innovation, we are able to produce every display case at the desired level.

      Dutch showcases

      The display case you buy from us is produced in Rosmalen.

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