Monday 25 February 2024

    New store layout in Dordrecht

    Designing a new store feels like a party every time. We enjoy turning an empty space into a beautiful store. So when the owner of "Gorilla" in Dordrecht contacted us, we were quick to come up with a beautiful plan.

    A display case wall with a nice corner to maximize space was quickly decided upon.

    Here's a photo of the space before we got started.



    By being able to combine our display cabinets, we create a beautiful unity. A long wall of display cabinets or, as seen here, a long wall of display cabinets including a corner.

    Below you can cleary see the corner we created specifically for this store.



    And if we add LED strips to the display cabinets, the products are beautifully illuminated, giving the whole thing a chic and modern look.



    This store sells natural products designed to support health, from nutrient-rich supplements to organic superfoods.

    At SDB Vitrinebouw, we manufacture individual store display cabinets or complete bespoke store layouts: we make them all, both standard and custom-made.

    Of course, we only deliver high-quality products; after all, we produce the display cabinets in our own workshop. But we also think along with you.

    From space-saving solutions to user-friendliness: we consider everything. And we understand that we are often the final piece in the planning process. So we understand if you're in a hurry."

    In addition to a wide range of standard display cabinets and options, we also offer custom solutions. We understand that you have special requirements for your own products.

    Feel free to contact us or stop by.

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