Thursday 23 January 2024

    Sneak peek of the museum Stadskasteel Zaltbommel

    The magnificent museum Stadskasteel Zaltbommel, worth a visit in itself, houses a beautiful collection of art. The history of the region is vividly preserved and made tangible with an extensive collection of art and craft objects related to Zaltbommel and the Bommelerwaard.

    The museum possesses silver, tin, copper, glass, furniture, paintings, and various utensils.


    The collection includes several objects that can rightfully be called masterpieces, such as the 16th-century coin dies and silver coins from the city of Zaltbommel. Works by the Zaltbommel-born painter Gerard Hoet (1648–1733) and a wooden-carved mill beard from 1718 (the oldest in the Netherlands with a date) are also noteworthy.

    Since 2023, some of these objects have been proudly displayed in our SDB showcases.



    The photos already provide a sneak peek.

    Soon, Roland Gieles, the curator, will share more about the objects and the collaboration with SDB Vitrinebouw. We look forward to it, and do you?

    Source: website Stadskasteel Zaltbommel Photography: Artografy


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